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Artificial Intelligence

We believe people should benefit from artifical intelligence during their everyday life. Using state of the art machine learning algorithms
we extract the essence of different data like Images, Audio, Sensors and Text to develop products that suit the users needs.

After numerous iterations of image inputs processed by the neural network,
the AI finally learns to classify those images on its own.

Classification and Object Detection in Machine Learning help you to extract information from images or other data types.

Semantic Segmentation allows us to segment Images into regions.
This way we gain deeper insights and can manipulate the input.


We believe that the success of a product is based on an ideal interaction between user and product.
In order to develop a product that fits the user in the best way, involving the potential user to our development process
plays a key part in our work process.

With a holistic and human-centred approach we want to ensure that the experience before, during and after the usage is satisfactory to the people.
Designing a user experience that is satisfactory, builds trust and brings joy is a fundamental key value for our holistic approach.

Our work process follows the principles of human-centered design, evaluated problem solutions, consistency and clarity. We are convinced that a consistant inclusion of the user’s perspective into our development ensures the best experience for any potential user.

To reduce errors and secure a user-oriented solution we rely on early iterations throughout the development process.


In today's rapidly changing digital age dynamic concepts are crucial. Adaption is key.
All the more it is important to discard habitual thought patterns and discover new strategies.

When developing new ideas empathizing with the user is fundamental for us. We believe that it is vital to ask the right questions to potential users in order to understand
and define a problem. Based on these valuable information we are able to implement new ideas and find human-centered solutions for everyday problems.

Our holistic approach to develop high quality ai based products relies on a methodical and well-structured working process.

Let us realize your vision.